Monday, November 12, 2018

Shelter Dog

Watercolor batik on rice paper / 8X10

We went to the local pet store over the weekend to buy some dog food,
and stumbled into the monthly dog adoption fair.

As we walked around & laughed at varieties of silly puppies,
 my gaze was drawn to the cages holding the adult dogs.

This is where I saw a big black dog that reminded me of our shelter dog Cobie,
who we adopted at a similar fair twelve years ago.

When I first laid eyes on Cobie,
he seemed dejected,
 cramped in a cage too small for his large size.
Unlike the other dogs, he displayed no reaction to being talked to or to being touched.
He was missing patches of fur,
and it was obvious he had been in a few fights.

I learned that this had been Cobie's second year at the annual adoption fair. 
He was living in an outdoor no-kill shelter in northern Michigan  
and had been there for more than half of his life.

Needless to say, Cobie came home with us that day.

Cobie coming home with us.

Cobie did not know how to play.
  He was not affectionate, he growled when we put our faces too close to his,
and he remained otherwise aloof for about a year.
We wondered what had happened to our beautiful dog
during his short life.

But then one day, this chilly, detached pup became approachable.
His sweetness emerged
 and we were welcomed into his world.

It was worth every minute of the wait.
Cobie's trust is limitless, his gratitude is enormous,
and his love is unconditional.

I read somewhere,
"It's no big deal to love a dog;
they make it so easy for you."

So true.  So true.

Cobie - 15 years old