Monday, October 3, 2016

Hi From Eugene

Our house in Portland sold faster than expected, so we put the remainder of everything we owned into storage and moved to a small suburban apartment.  We thought we'd stay there while we looked for something in Eugene.

Then we decided to just move here.  We've been renting a very small house near the University of Oregon for the past few weeks, and will have to stay here till we find a house with studio space at a price we can afford.

While looking for more permanent housing in the new neighborhood, we've noticed some fun things going on around here.

There seem to be more bikes than cars in this part of the city.

People here like color.

And they like painting fire hydrants,

and vehicles,

and murals on houses.

 They like to share.

 But most of all, they are wild about gardening.

Eugene is sort of like a mini-Portland, only better - no traffic.  

Until we can unload the art supplies from the storage unit and put them into a studio space,  I'm happy to paint with some watercolors and gouache we picked up today.  There shouldn't be a problem getting inspired.