Wednesday, July 15, 2020

#100 / 100 Day Project

100/100 Day Project - Graphite in 9x3 sketchbook

Well, I'm glad I did it.

I learned a lot about strengths and weaknesses,
discipline, accountability,
and focus.

And I would do it again.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

#85 thru #99 / 100 Day Project

Charcoal pencil in landscape format (9X3) sketchbook

 These are in no particular order.
I've been posting one on Instagram everyday.

Tomorrow is the last day of the project.

I've been drawing the half faces in a vertical format for more than a week,
so I'll end with one of these
& some thoughts on doing the challenge.

Hope to see you then.
My husband believes he's corrected the problem with blogger:)
Fingers crossed.

Monday, June 29, 2020

#84 / 100 Day Project

84/100 Day Project - Watercolor & graphite

For some reason, my computer / blogger will not allow me to respond to comments.
Will try to remedy this.

Happily, I am still able to visit you
and will try to make comments.

See you soon:)

Sunday, June 28, 2020

#74 thru 83 / 100 Day Project

Acrylic inks on Yupo (plastic) paper

Gotta fix the light sensor, or whatever it's called, on the camera.
The paintings above were all done on the same type of paper,
but they all photographed differently & they're looking pretty washed out:(

I tried to correct the background color in the photo editing program,
but no luck.
My daughter said she can reset the camera.


Charcoal on tinted paper

Sharpies in sketchbook

Hope everyone is happy and well.

Ten days have flown by.

I've been posting these on Instagram every day
& have enjoyed the social interaction there,
but daily posting is too much (for me).
Instagram is like a blog on steroids.

 I'm looking forward to more blogging - less Instagram when this project is over.
July 15.

Oh, my gosh!
This year is half over???

Thursday, June 18, 2020

#64 thru 73 / 100 Day Project

Watercolor & pastel

Charcoal - "Enough" News overload:(

Charcoal sketches

Watercolor & pastel

UNfinished - Watercolor
The white spot on her cheek needs to be softened & tinted, and some complementary color added.

Watercolor & charcoal

Sketchbook experiment - wondering how to get rid of the hair

Well, as usual, my ideas are all over the place, 
and there is less than a month to go in the challenge.

What I've gained from the project is discipline in doing artwork everyday,
 but I still haven't tightened up my focus on one thing, one medium.

I've accumulated a small pile of unfinished pieces
which is getting uncomfortable.

And now I'm sitting here dreaming of doing landscapes (I haven't finished the class), 
mid-century designs covered in resin (I have finished the class),
and abstract paintings (I have finished the class).

I think I'm taking too many classes.
I haven't even started some of the portrait classes I've signed up for.

But then, these are not called problems, are they?

They're called blessings.

Monday, June 8, 2020

#55 - 63 / 100 Day Project

55 thru 63/100 Day Project

As usual, this past week's artwork included a mix
 of drawings, paintings and a couple of photographs (on those busy days).

I'm looking forward to finishing some of the pieces this summer
so they can be separated into a few small series.

The end date of the project is July 15th.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

#49 thru #54 / 100 Day Project

We've been busy with typical springtime home & garden projects,
so there's not much time to paint.

I'm thankful that the challenge is filling the sketchbook.

Wishing you a very happy week!